Raelene Rorke & Zizo Tshwete: Mothers & savvy business women

These two former beauty queens have come a long way.

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Raelene Rorke & Zizo Tshwete: Mothers, wives and business woman

Former beauty queens, Raelene Rorke and Zizo Tshwete are just living life like it's golden being mothers, wives, and businesswomen.

If there are two former beauty queens we absolutely adore it's definitely Zizo Tshwete and Raelene Rorke. 

The two ladies are far from the sweet teenagers we were introduced to those many years ago when they were crowned Miss SA Teen in 2004 and in 2006.

Fast forward to 2016 and Zizo and Raelene have become mothers, wives, and savvy businesswomen.


It's no secret that we're obsessed with public figures and their babies, the cuteness overload is unbearable especially when it comes to Raelene and her baby girl Nyla.

Speaking of public figures and their babies, you might want to check Amahle Jali's fancy first birthday pictures right here, warning, the pictures might make you broody.

Then there's Zizo and her boys, although Zizo and her hubby aren't fond of posting pictures of their baby boy - Vukile, Daddy sometimes teases us with a random one or two pictures of their little bundle of joy.

Our most recent, favorite one is of the Tshwete's enjoying a lovely day on the beach.  How cute? with their little man in the middle.

Zizo tshwete


The two ladies are also quite entrepreneural, not only taking care of home but also contributing to bringing the bacon home.

Raelene is the co-founder of the SpringAGE, a youth-led innovation company which helps companies come up with insights and innovative ideas.

Raelene has been busy pushing her many business projects and was recently interviewed on DJ Sbu's breakfast show.

Zizo's business strategy is an interesting one, she's aligned her motherhood with her entrepreneurial skills.

Together with diaper brand - Cuddlers, Zizo has embarked on an interesting journey with the diaper brand and we have a feeling that there are greater things to come between her and Cuddlers in the near future.


And of course both their husbands are the luckiest men in the world to have women of such calibre in their lives.


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This was us last night: 8pm, Saturday night..ready to paint the town red! ..you should see us now 😩🤒🤕💤

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