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It’s no secret that Zizo and her husband Mayihlome Tshwete are very private about their relationship, and getting either party to speak of each other is as difficult as trying to get AKA and Bonang to admit that they’re dating.

Come to think of it, their recent wedding is probably the last time we’ll ever hear or see the couple express their love so publicly towards each other.

During his interview on the Gareth Cliff Show on Thursday, Mayihlome jokingly said that he was given strict instructions by his wife not to discuss anything about each other.

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When Gareth mentioned that Zizo used to work at CliffCentral, Mayihlome joked, "Who’s that?"

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"I was given strict instructions… she’s like the iron lady, she doesn’t even speak about it," he added.

Gareth then attempted to make Mayihlome feel better by informing him that Zizo hardly spoke about him whilst working on CliffCentral to which he replied: "I wonder what’s that about, maybe she’s ashamed of me," he jokingly said.

However, Mayihlome did add that his wife is the bomb!

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