Zizo Tshwete's Son Underwent COVID-19 Test

"I am a great mama ... because you are my son"

By  | Jun 07, 2020, 11:57 AM  | Zizo Tshwete  | Top of The

Zizo Tshwete took to social media to gush about her son who recently underwent a COVID-19 test.

Her son's bravery makes her a proud mama and she couldn't be happier. He was scheduled for a dental procedure and a COVID-19 test was compulsory as it served as a precautionary measure.

Amazed by his strength, she revealed that he tested negative for the Coronavirus when she said "we are grateful that he is 100% healthy."

The radio presenter said that he was left unsettled by the whole process however his fighting spirit helped him overcome.

"That process was so traumatic for him. He really was not having a good day yesterday and I did what anyone would do for a child they love - comfort him. He really loves it xa ndimbeleka when he isn’t feeling great," she wrote.

She then wrote him a love letter to show him how much she appreciates him.

"I was suddenly overcome with a deep deep appreciation for his fighting spirit. I didn’t have fancy words to describe the feeling but these ones came out..."

Read the full letter below:
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