Who Is Zodwa Wabantu?

How much do you know about her?

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Zodwa Wabantu, Who is Zodwa Wabantu?
Known for her provocative dances and her love for the Ben 10s, Zodwa Wabantu is a name that is known throughout South Africa and although not everybody loves her for what she does, you have to admit that Zodwa is a fiercely independent woman and if you don’t like that then there is something wrong with you.

This article reveals some interesting facts about the exotic dancer that answers the question “who is Zodwa Wabantu?”

Zodwa’s real name and age

Zodwa Wabantu, source: Instagram

Zodwa Wabantu was born Zodwa Rebecca Libram on 30th October 1985 which makes her 36 years old at the moment.

Zodwa who calls Durban her home was born in Soweto and she was raised by her grandmother after her mother passed on when she was only 11 years old.

While Zodwa’s current life is one filled with luxury and wealth, her childhood was quite the opposite. She was raised in a humble household and there were days when she went to bed hungry.

Is Zodwa Wabantu educated?

Zodwa is among the successful celebrities in South Africa who don’t have a college degree and their achievements and success prove that education is not the only key to success.

At 16 years old, Zodwa moved to Durban to look for jobs and this meant that she had to put her education on hold.

Despite not having a proper education herself, Zodwa Wabantu still holds education on a high level and she is doing her best as a mother to ensure that her only son gets the best education possible.

Zodwa also recently returned to school to pursue an acting course and we honestly can’t help feeling proud of her.

What does Zodwa Wabantu do?

Zodwa Wabantu, source: Instagram

Zodwa Wabantu is a lot of things but her most popular title is a dancer. Dancing has always been a vital part of who Zodwa is. After moving to Durban where she found a job at a debt collection agency, Zodwa started dancing at the local clubs in Durban townships where she earned the title Vosho Queen.

Zodwa became an international sensation after a video of her making her signature dance moves while dressed in a short revealing black dress while holding a drink at Eyadini lounge went viral.

Over the years, Zodwa has grown her brand as a dancer and is currently one of the most known entertainers in the country. And although not everybody is comfortable with Zodwa Wabantu’s performances, Zodwa Wabantu’s fans outnumber them and it also helps that Zodwa doesn’t care about people's opinions.

Besides dancing, Zodwa Wabantu is also a reality television star and she stars in her own reality “Zodwa Wabantu: Uncensored” which airs on Moja Love TV.

During the lockdown, Zodwa Wabantu added the title businesswoman to her name as she launched a poultry farming business called “Zodwa Wabantu Chicken & Eggs” and it seems that this business is picking well so far.

Zodwa Wabantu’s relationship

Zodwa Wabantu with her boyfriend, source: Instagram

Besides her famous or infamous dancing stunts (depending on how you see it,) Zodwa Wabantu’s relationships are also something to talk about as the socialite only dates younger men (Ben 10s) exclusively.

Before her current relationship, Zodwa was in a relationship with a younger man called Ntobeko Linda. After dating for about six years, Zodwa proposed to Ntobeko in 2019 and he said yes. Zodwa later called off the engagement and the two broke up. She went on to date another Ben 10- Vusi Buthelezi, but things didn’t work between them too.

She is currently in a relationship with a younger man identified as Olefile Mpudi, aka Ricardo who is in his early 20s. Besides their huge age gap, Zodwa and Ricardo’s is an open polyamorous relationship and it is reported that Ricardo has another main chick that Zodwa knows of.

Zodwa Wabantu children

Zodwa Wabantu with her son, source: Instagram

Who is Zodwa Wabantu? Cannot be answered correctly without mentioning that Zodwa Wabantu is a mother. 

Zodwa has one son called Vuyo who was born in 2006. Since she didn’t have a great childhood, Zodwa does everything in her power to ensure that her son gets the best out of life and that he never lacks.

The identity of Zodwa Wabantu’s baby daddy is not known although there are speculations that it might be Khanyi Mbau’s ex-husband Mandla Mthembu who allegedly had an affair with Zodwa while he was married to Khanyi. If this story is true then Zodwa Wabantu’s son and Khanyi Mbau’s daughter are half-siblings. Small world, right?

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