Zodwa Preaches The Benefits Of A Ben 10

Shout out to the younger dudes!

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Zodwa Wabantu, who recently marked her 6th anniversary with her boyfriend has taken a moment to address those who are intent on hating on their relationship.

According to Zodwa, a number of people believe that she is controlling him or otherwise convincing him to stay in the relationship. Despite the fact that she and Ntobeko Linda appear to have no issues, people are intent on inventing problems for them. After hearing enough, Zodwa has come out firing.

In an impassioned Instagram rant, Zodwa brought out the knives for those who claim that Ntobeko is "under some kind of spell" when she said: 

"It's not that y'all are worried about my boyfriend's well being because he apparently looks like I beat him up... it's more than that. Y'all are lying, you are just disappointed that he doesn't beat me up or was cheating or doing silly things. If he was, y'all would be singing a different song, talking about how he's doing this and that but he hasn't goven you any ammunition."

She didn't stop there. Zodwa has never been shy about her boyfriend's age. Ntobeko is 10 years younger than Zodwa (Literally, a Ben10!) but the dancer believes this brings more good than bad to their relationship. She said: 

"A younger boyfriend doesn't expect you to cook or wash (the) laundry or akubhodlele... imbhodla. We just chasing our dreams and R5 hayi indaba yomfazi nendona. We must work. No Lottery."

Watch Zodwa's full response to anybody who is hating on her relationship below:

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