Zodwa Wabantu on not having female friends and what she is teaching her son

It turns out, she's just not a girly girl... 

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Zodwa Wabantu on not having female friends and what she is teaching her son

Speaking to Bonnie Mbuli and Jeannie D on yesterdays' episode of Afternoon Express, the socialite and dance sensation shared her life story as well as a few facts about herself that we had never heard before. 

She started out in a 9 to 5 as a debt collector (believe it or not) and used to use her salary to spoil herself with outings to shisa nyamas, one of which was Eyadini. The venue used to post her pictures on social media and there was an unparalleled interest in her and her life. 

Mbuli then asked her about what exactly prompts her to forgo panties on stage. 

“I was dancing, on that night, it was in December then there was this commotion with my panty..." she said, referring to the social media calls for her to start wearing underwear. She then told the story of how she went to Woolies and bought a panty to wear for them.

On that same day, she had four gigs to go to, which she managed to appear at on time due to the fact that she used the private jet chartered by DJ Tira.

According to Zodwa, the fans at the last gig she got to complained about “seeing something blue” and started to ask when she had begun wearing underwear.

“Then they said khiphi panty and because I’m a people’s person, I listened to my fans, not what the media wants or the so-called celebrities or people that stay at home and discuss us,” explained Zodwa.

Mbuli also asked her about what she is teaching her son through her actions and what she’s teaching him.

She stated that she just wants to make sure he is set in life by ensuring he is educated, has shelter and a car - what he decides to say about her actions after that is completely up to him. She added that she has lived her life and has no regrets so it is up to him to live his own.

Zodwa then opened up about her Ben 10 and she wants you all to know that he’s got his own. He works and is not after her money. She also stated how she loves hanging out with him because she does not get along with other women due to the fact that she is actually not a girly girl and hates the unspoken competition that exists among women who hang out in the same space.

When asked about her plans for the future, she simply said, “I didn’t plan to be famous so I wouldn’t plan anything towards going to the future. Anything that God can see fit, I would do it.”

She will be returning to Uzalo however, and has filmed scenes for a drama series that she has yet to reveal. She also shared how two more series have reached out to Afrotainment with the hopes of having her appear on their shows. Zodwa ended off by adding that there is an offer to star in a film on the table.

Watch Zodwa Wabantu's Afternoon Express interview below: 

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