Zodwa Wabantu posts that she's getting married and people want to be invited

She said she's getting married.

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Zodwa Wabantu

Now considering how young her boyfriend is and how much she loves to play on social media - just maybe, Zodwa was just kidding around.


Her comments were absolutely lit after she posted a picture of her and her boyfriend with the caption:  "Ngyashada" (I'm getting married) now of course with a post like that, her comments were absolutely lit with people adding their own two cents worth of opinion about her caption.

These people were having a field day.

Play play

Whilst other people would love to be invited to the wedding.


Zodwa hasn't said anything further about this, but we have a filling she's kidding around. Until we see a ring on that finger we'll just assume that Zodwa just wanted people to talk and boy are they talking.

Regardless of the comments, Zodwa is living her best life and his not fazed by people's negative comments about her anymore.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Zodwalabrim

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