Five songs that made Zola Kwaito royalty

We highlight the 5 songs that made the Zola we love. 

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Zola 7

Papa Action. Bonginkosi Dlamini. Zola 7. Whatever you've come to know him as, one thing can't be denied: the man's got talent. But for today we're showing appreciation to the music the man's given us. 

1. Ghetto Fabulous

"Yizo-yizo the return, baba." At it's peak, Yizo-yizo was the benchmark for the most realistic showing of what was going on in SA's townships. That, and it brought us Zola the Kwaito star. 


2. Mdlwembe

With the success of his music debut, it only made sense that the then fledgling actor/rapper go into the music scene. With the release of his debut album 'Mdlwembe' the Kwaito scene got to see that he's a voice that was here to stay. 

Zola Mdlwembe

3. Don't cry 

This one has so many sweet memories behind it. Zola was out there doing the Lord's work. This included giving a young lady a chance to sing with him, all in the hopes of keeping her dream to be a singer alive. Needless to say, the song became a national hit. 

Zola Don't cry

4. Ghetto Scandalous (Ft. KB and Amu)

Who can forget this menacing hit. If people were afraid of Zola because of Ghetto Fabulous this song probably heightened that fear. To help him make the most of this jam he called up Amu and KB who flexed their lyrical muscle.


5. Sana Lwami (Ft. Unathi)

With the beat being sampled from a classic, it was sure to become a hit.The message made sense and putting the then up-and-coming Unathi as the leading lady was smart. 

zola 7

We're glad to see Zola up and performing again. Now we have to ask, how's about one last album? Or is that too much to ask for? 

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