Zola goes off during a radio interview - "Whatever you're calling me about is useless"

Zola wanted to speak about more meaningful things about life and not about his music.

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During an interview on TruFM, Zola spoke his mind about the interview and let's just say he wasn't impressed at all.

On Tuesday afternoon 9 May, TruFM managed to get an interview with Zola. The content of that interview involved Zola explaining the message behind his 2000 hit single Mdlwembe, however, Zola was not in the least interested in speaking about the song.

In the beginning of the interview, DJ Miss V requested for Zola to send a shout out to the listeners before they proceeded with the interview.

This is what Zola had to say.

"God is like an insurance company, you cannot call him when you crash your bumper and your tires. You need to enlist with him first, people must not call God when they are in trouble.  People must call him when they are ok so that God will get back to them when they are in trouble.

Ngisho ukuthi, everything you've called me about now is useless. I'm telling you what I need to tell the listeners, what your producer and what your show is about right now is not important. People must enlist with God now."


After Zola said that, Miss V then tried to continue the interview about his single by asking Zola to go straight into his Mdlwembe, but Zola was not interested.

"..I don't want to go straight into it because I'm above you, I don't want to talk about uMdlwembe I want to talk about getting aligned with God whilst things are good so that they can call him when things are bad."

We hear you loud and clear Zola.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Zola.7

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