Is Mashabela Funnier Than Trevor Noah?

There's nothing funny about this debate!

By  | Jan 04, 2020, 12:30 PM

The timeline is gripped in heavy debate about local comedian Mashabela, who many believe is not only criminally underrated - but is even funnier than Trevor Noah.

Sepedi speaking comedian Mashabela Galane might not have expected to see his name trending on the first Saturday of the new decade, but he quickly became the heart of a heated discussion after he was unwittingly compared to Trevor Noah.

It all began when citizen journalist and Twitter activist, DJNewSouthAfrica tweeted: "Mashabela is SA's greatest comedian. He's naturally gifted. His strict use of vernac limited his career moves. He's funnier than even Trevor Noah. Trevor isn't really funny, he's smart & has a good sense of humor that's HEAVILY dependent on accents, multilingual phrases & sarcasm"

The praise of Mashabela was certainly valid; the funnyman can get a room full of people to vibrate with laughter. However, it was the comparison with Trevor Noah which raised a number of eyebrows across the country and people wasted no time in retaliating to the "DJ":

To be entirely fair, there were also a number of big Mashabela fans on the timeline who agreed with her point:

This isn't the first time that Trevor Noah has been compared unfavourably to a local comedian.

Last year, a similar debate trended when fans suggested that Skhumba was funnier than the host of The Daily Show. Clearly sensing that these debates were taking us nowhere, one fan decided to settle the matter once and for all by sharing a poll and asking fans to vote on who they thought was Mzansi's funniest comic. Let's just say, the numbers spoke for themselves:

Everybody has their opinions, who do you think is the funniest comedian in South Africa?

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