THAT Lupita And Trevor Kinda Friendship!

These two are #FriendshipGoals

By  | Jan 01, 2020, 08:00 AM

The legitimacy of platonic relationships remains debatable. There are others who believe that it's not possible for both a man and a woman to be just friends; whilst others truly believe in the purity of a platonic relationship.

Two celebrity close friends that we could take a page from is internationally acclaimed comedian, Trevor Noah and Oscar award-winning actress, Lupita N'yongo.

A casual scroll down their Instagram pages indicate just how much time they actually spend together.

Their close friendship has left some questioning if there hasn't been any romantic feelings that linger between them. Hmmm.

Trevor and Lupita's closeness has trickled down to professional levels. Trevor has a book titled, Born A Crime, which is set to be made into a film. Also, Lupita's involvement and schedule in this book is hectic.

Lupita is set to bring to life the character of Trevor's mother, Patricia Noah and she will be producing the film as well. Whilst a South African born director Liesl Tommy has been roped in to render her directing skills to the film. The film will reportedly be shot in South Africa.

Take a look at some of the moments between Trevor and Lupita!

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