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He keeps going for the jugular

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Trevor Noah 

Our very own Trevor Noah seems to know that the sky is not the limit for him. Mzansi’s best comedic export yet keeps climbing the ladder of success. Trevor, who became the host of American satirical comedy late night show – The Daily Show has since become a New York Time’s best-selling author with his memoir of childhood tales book Born a Crime. If that wasn't enough Trevor launched a children's version of his bestseller which has also received critical acclaim. With a  motion picture in the works about his life based on his book, we didn't think Trevor would be conquering more arenas anytime soon.

But of course we were wrong, Trevor Noah doesn't know how to stop.

Since taking the reigns as host of The Daily Show back in 2015, Trevor has managed to make it one of the most followed late-night shows on YouTube. Currently, the Daily Show boasts an impressive 4.6 million viewers. 

Although his late-night show has gained a highly notable following on YouTube, his personal YouTube account has been treading behind slightly. The Trevor Noah channel where the comedian posts videos of some of his stand-up shows from all over the world has been ather popular but is only now starting to soar in numbers. Of course, the lagging didn’t last very long and Trevor showed off his 1million YouTube plaque on twitter with a witty caption to fit the auspicious occasion. 

“Just hit 1 Million subs on my Youtube! Thank you to everyone who subscribed. If you aren’t a subscriber please don’t try and accept this thank you. Unless however you go subscribe and come back. If that’s the case, thank you for letting me thank you”

Watch Trevor showing off his new plaque…

Well earned Mr. Noah, and keep shining the South African flag high.

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Image Source: Instagram/TrevorNoah