7 Times Trevor Stuurman Took On Africa

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By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Trevor Stuurman 

The gifted creative director, photographer and overall artist Trevor Stuurman's talent has led him to receive constant international recognition, however, he always pays it forward to Africa through his imagery and dress code.

Being African is important to Trevor. During an interview with Marie Claire Magazine he described how speaking at the University of Oxford Africa Conference about re-framing the African narrative was one of his career highlights.

With that in mind we are going to look at 7 times Trevor took on Africa.

1.       Benin

The GQ fashion award winner recently braced the streets of Benin dressed in the brightest African patterned outfits. He paid his respect to the country through a post:

“Meet me at the intersection of my dreams and my love for Africa. That sacred place is where my heart belongs. Centered and at peace, merci Benin for the love. The eagle has landed. Never a lost explorer. Dumelang Afrika Borwa.”

Instagram embed

2.       Nigeria

Trevor was captured in a “keke” also known as a tuktuk during his trip to Nigeria. It is known as one of the quickest methods of transports to using during a traffic jam.

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3.       Cote d’Ivoire 

The Boda Boda is a popular method of transportation in the eastern and western parts of Africa. Trevor was captured cruising in Abidjan on one.

Instagram embed

4.       Kenya

The creative director embraced the beauty and culture of Kenya as he was captured wearing the notorious red Maasai traditional clothing.

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5.       Rwanda 

Trevor was captured with the beautiful social media influencer @lulamawolf. The image boasts brown hues from their outfits and mud house background. 

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6.       Senegal
During his visit to Senegal the creative wore a traditional white and gold Senegalese male Kaftan. He captioned the image “Hello Africa, Tell Me How You Feeling?”

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7.       South Africa 

Trevor paid homage to his home country South Africa by remaking  the real “goldie bone” Papa Penny's infamous look.

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Main Image Credit: stylerave.com