#90DayFiance: Is Tania Gaslighting Syngin?

Maybe homeboy should just come back to Mzansi or kanjani?

By  | Jan 11, 2020, 05:01 PM

Anyone that has avidly watched the interactions between 90 Day Fiancé's Syngin and Tania, must have picked up a string of anomalies in their relationship

For those of y'all that have never heard of 90 Days Fiancé - It is an American reality TV series revolving around couples who have only ninety days to get married to each other after applying for or receiving a K-1 visa.

Without being biased, viewers have watched Syngin endure quite a lot of crap from his American girlfriend, Tania. From the jump, Tania's shady behaviour was palpable and it turned some people OFF!
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A total eyebrow raising moment was when Tania decided to leave for an entire 30 days to attend a career empowerment programme... (wait for it)... in another part of the world.

This meant that Syngin would be left alone in America during this period - keeping in mind that they only have 90 days to get to know each other and eventually get married.

There's nothing wrong with making ethical and unconventional moves when looking to elevate one's career, however some viewers are just not buying Tania's story.
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Many are questioning Tania's true intentions for her South African boyfriend, Syngin. 

Most South African fans of the show are hoping he could just 'Khumbulekhaya' and settle down with someone here at home because things are not looking good for him in America.

Below are some of the comments from some South African (and American) Tweeps. Tania's treatment towards our Homeboy is just uncalled for.

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