A Hater 'Keyed' Unathi's Car And She Laughed It Off

'Hurt people, hurt people.'

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Unathi Nkayi 

IdolsSA judge and musician Unathi had an experience that would set anyone off, however, her mature and calm response to the alleged hater had people commending how she handled the situation.

On Monday morning, someone had scratched her car whilst she was at gym. She shared the video on Instagram and can be heard calmly calling out the perpetrator saying that in order to make themselves happy, they have to hurt other people.

Unathi can be heard laughing it off and telling the person responsible that they needed to work on their hatred. She also wrote; "You clearly feel defeated by me and you don’t have the courage to tell me. Happy Monday depressed one. And THANK YOU for making me know I defeat you."
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Fans reacted to this incident and were appalled by the hatred she is receiving and commended how calm she is.

bernidalekwadi: You sound calm, sister's ,I just love the God in you,just forgive the person doesn't know what he/she's doing,the devil is playing him/her

ratu_leek: People are sick in their heads nxa 😡😡😡
People carry so much hate towards people they don’t even know

teejee28: Wow😢. How sad and angry does a person have to be to reach this level of low. Sorry Unsta❤️

pholintlokomagqibelo: No guys this is just unacceptable!! Whoever did this needs Jesus shame, they obviously hate themselves and are not sleeping at night .

Apparently, Unathi said that the person responsible admitted to damaging her car, however she mentioned no names.

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Picture credit: Instagram @unathi