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By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Unathi Nkayi 

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Ladies and gents as we all know, winter is in full effect and that unfortunately can mean only one thing. Half of us are probably going to add on a few pounds with all the comfort food that’s constantly in our faces. It's the season of amagwinya (fat cakes) and the exit of out salads right? Wrong, according to SA Idols judge, Unathi you shouldn’t have to let yourself go simply because winter is in our midst.

We’re usually inundated with videos of celebrities going hard at the gym as we watch them melt right in front of our eyes to such an extent  that we actually begin speculating if they’re not actually endorsed by Herbex and using the gym as a cover up. 

But instead of using herself and other celebrities as an example on how possible it is to lose weight this winter, Unathi has used your everyday woman as examples of how possible it is to make your summer body in winter. So if you're thinking about stuffing your face with a cream donut for lunch take the time the checkout some of these ladies selected by Unathi for your Monday motivation.

Put down that donut and get to gym people!

Here are a couple of ladies for your Monday motivation:

If this isn't motivation we don't know what it is


#MCM Motivation Crush Monday.......Do Best........#ABetterYOU

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Are you still thinking of eating that burger? 


#MCM Motivation Crush Monday.......Do Best Mense.......... #ABetterYOU

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In the words of Unathi...you better run...run...run...to better yourself 


#MCM Motivation Crush Monday.....Do Best........#ABetterYOU

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Unathi has also announced that her and her team will finally be hosting A Better You seminar in the month of July for all those who are struggling to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.

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