Vatiswa "Nomarussia" Ndara does not believe in witchcraft

Quite ironic considering that the character she plays is all about practicing witchcraft.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Vatiswa Ndara 


When it comes to Nomarusia and South African viewers, there is no doubt that we have a love-hate relationship with her whenever she appears on our screens.

The number of witcraft practices she and Scotho have performed on other people is terrifying but for some reason, we can't picture iGazi without Nomarusia and Scotho. 

They are the show and as much as people have become vocal about how they disapprove of these two characters, the rest of the viewers are always sitting on the edge of their seats every Sunday night, to see what witchcraft mess these two have under their sleeves. 

But as much as she practices witchcraft on the show, actress Vatiswa Ndara, who plays the character of Nomarussia is not a believer of witchcraft at all.  She revealed this in her recent interview in Move magazine's May issue.

In the article she says: 

"I personally don't believe in witchcraft. If it were real, I think Africa would be a continent free of colonial forces."

She believes that the only witchcraft that is true is that of corrupt politicians.

"When corrupt politicians get away with the things they do, now that's witchcraft." 


With playing such an evil character, you would think that in real life some people would disapprove of Vatiswa's role on the show however in past interviews Vatiswa has revealed that, that is not the case at all.

“People who really know me have called and suggested that I not go out, after a particularly hectic episode because they think people are going to be angry at me. But what I found is that people get surprised when they see me. They say I look totally different from my character if anything people applaud me for the character I play. Thankfully I haven’t met viewers who are not impressed with my character," says Vatiswa.

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