13 times Chomee showed us she's boss

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:46 AM

You get two types of people in life. People who share a lot of pictures of themselves. And people who share a lot of pictures of themselves while looking fly as hell. Singer and businesswoman Chomee has to fall into the latter category because she stays looking good in all the images she shares on Instagram

I don't think I know many celebs who post as often as Chomee does, especially of just themselves, but here are 13 times that Chomee took some absolutely stunning pictures of herself. Whoever is taking her pictures for her needs a pat on the back!

1. Candy Crush: 



A photo posted by Chomee (@chomee1) on

One of her followers commented "You look like Candy Crush". Does that mean she looks like an addictive mobile game? Help me understand? 

2. I love hats



I think I'm in love, can you tell? ☺️☺️😝

A photo posted by Chomee (@chomee1) on

I'm biased here because I love these big floppy hats on girls. Brings out the cuteness in the face! 

3. Meeting my heart for lunch



Meeting my heart for lunch ☺️

A photo posted by Chomee (@chomee1) on

Am I the only one who found this caption weird? I don't know how you can meet a heart for lunch, a heart is a bodily organ... Or was she talking about someone? Yeah, maybe she was talking about someone. 

4. 50 Shades of Chomee


The one who falls and gets up is so much stronger than the one who never fell!

A photo posted by Chomee (@chomee1) on

Okay as dope is this picture is, I don't quite get the caption... what does it have to do with the picture? 


5. The bikini bod



A photo posted by Chomee (@chomee1) on

Chomee's bikini bod game is on another level, as you can see from this picture. This was taken about three months ago and some people are STILL drooling. 

6. More hats! 


Love this pic....

A photo posted by Chomee (@chomee1) on

I hope the bae isn't reading this, and I promise I'm not crushing on Chomee at this stage. I just have a thing for hats...


7. When it's so hot that you have to change your outfit... 


#OOTD Late post. NB I've since changed because of the heat.

A photo posted by Chomee (@chomee1) on

But you'll learn for wearing black in Johannesburg. Pity, it matched so nicely with the car! 

8. I wish I looked this good for church 


Church swag! #HappySunday

A photo posted by Chomee (@chomee1) on

If this is your church swag Chomee, I can't wait to see your night out swag.



9. Tilt your head to the right...


When boo steals a pic..... ❤

A photo posted by Chomee (@chomee1) on

Everybody loves a good pose, but there is nothing cuter than a random, candid picture. The smile is wonderful too!

10. "Many women do noble things..."


Who would have ever thought?? When Jesus says Yes..... #blessed #Pr31Woman

A photo posted by Chomee (@chomee1) on

For those of you who don't know the bible, Pr31Woman means Proverbs 31 Woman. Look up the phrase and this boss picture will make even more sense.

11. The only thing I love more than even more hats...


Happy girls...... ❤️😂😝😉

A photo posted by Chomee (@chomee1) on

12. Is a gorgeous dress!



A photo posted by Chomee (@chomee1) on

Can you say ghetto fabulous? What a gorgeous outfit with the awesome Kasi backdrop.

13. But the only person cuter than Chomee...


Class was cancelled, got to fetch my mini-me from school ☺️☺️ #LoveHer

A photo posted by Chomee (@chomee1) on

...Is this little thing above! Her "mini me"

Okay I'm done crushing on Chomee! But seriously, her Instagram game is on point as you can see above. She really is a boss with her photos. Do you think that Chomee takes some of the best pictures around? 

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