Lection, Francois and Matthias speak on SA turning 21

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:45 AM

An ex-Big Brother Housemate, a celebrity stylist and a Motswako rapper speak about South Africa turning 21, and the differences they’ve experienced since the country woke up to the dawn of a new democracy in 1994.

Since the xenophobic attacks took the country by storm recently, Freedom Day has had a different meaning for many South Africans and foreign nationals living in the country.

Last week, ZAlebs took the time to speak to three young gentlemen who have managed to place a firm presence in the entertainment industry.

Matthias, Lection and Francois Louw expressed their own opinions about the meaning of Freedom Day and the country having turned 21.

Ex-Big Brother housemate, Matthias who has had a different upbringing in comparison to his white counterparts, explains how he feels the youth of today should celebrate their freedom and where he feels the country is heading in the next 21 years.

Motwako rapper, Lection, shares his musical knowledge and discusses the difference between music in 1994 in comparison to music in 2015. Freedom has played a massive role in the growth of the local music industry and the next member of the Maftown rap production line explains why.

Fashion is an industry built on creativity and vision, and among SA's finest creators and fashion visionaries is Francois Louw, The celebrity designer and stylist shared his opinions on the kinds of opportunities that exist for South African designers today, and the impact that 1994 had on the industry as a whole.