4 Business Moves Zodwa Could Make Next Year

Is Zodwa reading this?

By  | Dec 25, 2019, 11:00 AM

Zodwa Wabantu certainly dominated the year 2019. The All-round entertainer who is known for her sultry dance and risqué outfits has been on the roll making  great strides recently. 

Zodwa may not have a formal qualification, but she’s business oriented and smart. The entertainer has always set the records straight that she is here to secure the bag.

 She recently launched her new fragrances range Touchable Day and Touchable Night. The extravagant launch was hosted in Johannesburg at  Melrose Arch attended by industry friends. 

Zodwa revealed that she was approached by W1C, a London based company for this exciting business venture. This year Zodwa also gave her fans a front raw seat into her personal life on her reality show Zodwa Wabantu Uncensored. Fans were touched by her upbringing and got to see that the star is  smart and charitable. We also go a chance to see her entrepreneurial skills. 

In the show she revealed that she is a landlord who owns a flat in Durban. What melted our hearts was how she interacts with her tenants, we loved to see that she has ventured into the property ibusiness and she is capable of being a great entrepreneur. She can definitely handle anything because she is goal oriented and business minded.
These are Four business moves we think Zodwa can make in 2020. 

Lingerie Line. 

The star is constantly seen serving some sauce on social media with her exotic body, and she is not afraid to flaunt her curves. The entertainer can make a lucrative amount of money if she could launch her own lingerie line. Why not because Zodwa is known for her unique and sexy lingerie she wears every day clearly she has a great taste in lingerie. So this business can be a milestone for her. 


We have seen a lot of celebrities opening up their restaurants and clubs. South Africans are all about entertainment and  wouldn’t mind entertaining themselves in Zodwa Wabantu’s club. The star has a lot of fan base, many like her so if she can open a club clearly it can be a major success and be jammed packed with scores of partygoers.

Skin care - Body Products. 

Mogherl is focus and she can take up space. The entertainer always flaunts her radiant skin. Tweeps are constantly asking which skin care body products does she apply to her radiant and flawless skin. 

Launching her own skin care body  products can sustain her career and make her big bucks. 

Sex Toys. 

Zodwa is known for her sultry dances and she has always been outspoken about her sexual life. Launching her own sex toys might be a great idea to expand her horizons in business. 

Zodwa is a powerhouse and  a force to be reckoned with, she it’s totally unbreakable, so We look forward to seeing how her next chapter in business  would unfold in 2020.

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Image Credit: www.Instagram.com