5 more sleeps until Our Perfect Wedding airs

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

Set your PVR’s on record, book your favourite spot on the couch and make sure you have enough data on your phone to laugh at all the tweets, because our Sundays for the next couple of weeks will never be the same.




Our Perfect Wedding Season 4 returns this Sunday and we can’t remember the last time we were this excited about the return of a reality show since…well…since season 3 aired.

Only a few days left until most South Africans judge people’s weddings from the other side of the TV screen. Seeing the advertisement on television has us laughing already, did anyone see the groom that sheds a tear during the advertisement segment? Don’t get us started on the mother who doesn’t want her child to wed the love of her life, drama we tell you!

For this season we’re also hoping that the Our Perfect Wedding producers will go back to previous couple who featured on the show, just so we can have a glimpse of how married life is treating them in 2015.

We’d love to see the likes of Thabiso the groom who was suspected of being gay and our favourite sugar mama Ausi Monki make an appearance.

This Sunday will also be Tumi Morake’s big night as many viewers will scrutinize her work as the newest host of the show. We have no doubt that she’ll do a splendid job not only has she has the charm but Tumi is also quite comedic, we hope she’ll use her comedic skills on this season.