The 5 Priddy things about Priddy_Ugly

We may call him Priddy_Ugly but he tells the ugly truth and that is that there's nothing ugly about him

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Bontle Modiselle is one lucky woman for having won the heart of this man.  If he's this fine at this young age, image what he'll look like when he becomes umalume Bae?


We can't help but drool over rapper Priddy-Ugly. He's so fine it makes you wonder why he'd call himself that, maybe he's just being humble?  Here's a list of the Priddy things that we love about Priddy_Ugly


This makes it to the top of the list because he has a bag full of it. Priddy is arguably on of the most talented rappers in the industry at the moment. While others may describe his style as more on the mellow side, he has punch lines for days. He is slowly becoming one of the best rappers in South Africa. After being on the come up for the longest of time, Priddy rose to stardom when he released his mixed tape "Ugly Truth" and has been unstoppable since then. He is now signed to Ambitouz Entertainment.



This talented soul is more than just a rapper, he dances too. Priddy and he's crew won a dance contest called Strickly hip hop at the age of 15, he made it to the national Athletics team at 16 and he was a soccer player for Moroka Swallows as a teen. We're Priddy sure all the girls were crushing him back in High School.

Check out this video of him freestyling on TouchHD.


I bet you thought he was coloured also, didn't you? Ricardo Moloi was born in Luanda Angola to an Angolan mother Santa Mario Dominguez and Tswana father Lebone Moloi. Priddy lived in Angola for a while where he learned to speak portugues but then moved to South Africa where he was raised in Meadowlands Soweto.



He's quite athletic, he can rap, he can dance and he's stylish? Like what can he not do? When he's not showing off his oh so fine body, he's styling it up and looking dapper.


Even his hair is better than your favorite rappers.



Nothing beats a man who has his life together yet still makes time for his woman. Priddy and Bontle are still one of Mzansi's favourite couple. They met at the beginning of both their careers and seem to be standing the test of time. They're both doing well in their careers and are giving us some serious couple goals envy.

Priddy Ugly and Bontle


Because he has all of the above plus a little extra, we can overlook the fact that he's a little on the short side. He may be Priddy_Short but he's Priddy much still bae..


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