DJ Sbu urges all aspiring musicians to know their legal rights

The music industry is a cut-throat business that is not for the faint-hearted..

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

DJ Sbu

..especially for those who do not consider it as a business and for those who have little to no knowledge of how the legalities of such an industry work.

One person who has always been for the betterment of the youth and for aspiring young musicians is DJ Sbu.

As a musician, Sbu has found himself getting burned quite a few times due to his lack of knowledge about the industry. But as the year rolled on by he eventually acquired valuable knowledge about the industry and has thus managed to become one of the most successful & business-minded artists of our generation. But according to him, you don't have to get burned like he did back in those days.

DJ Sbu

In a recent speech, the number one knoxx man pleaded for young and aspiring musicians to always ensure that they get legal advice whenever they're about to sign a contract or negotiation.

"We urge and ask artists to be careful, if you're going to get into contracts and negotiations you must always have a legal person next to you, to be able to advise you accordingly. We're not just saying it just 'cause inkulumo or it's just cliche' it's extremely important because we've heard stories of people that get to sign their lives away, there are artists who have been signed all of their lives, artists that have been signed to 10-album deals, ridiculous deals."

DJ Sbu went on to make an example of the late Robbie Malinga and informed the public that although Robbie was a musician he had his own record company and he owned his own publishing which meant Robbie owned his entire catalogue of music. Basically, all the songs Robbie has written & produced he owns a part of those songs and we all know that Robbie produced many songs throughout his career.


"To all the artists, if you do not have all of the right information about the music industry do not only get legal people who are not familiar about the music industry, get music industry legal people or music industry people to give you advise and sit down with people that are going to give you the correct advice." Said DJ Sbu.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@DJSbulive