Gigi Lamayne opens up about her cheating ex

We've all been hurt by love

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

Gigi Lamayne

And sometimes the love can make us become the most bitter people on earth or it can make us see the positive out of a heart-breaking situation.

In September 2016, Gigi Lamayne went public on how her then-boyfriend cheated on her three times before they officially broke up.

A break-up is never easy to get over, especially when you genuinely loved the person and just thinking about how they did you wrong can lead you to become a hateful person towards almost everyone.

And that is probably the kind of animosity Gigi was feeling towards her ex-boyfriend for the longest of time.

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However, in a rather unexpected revelation, Gigi has mentioned that for the year 2018 she would rather surround herself with positive energy, starting with forgiving her ex-boyfriend for all the wrong he did to her.

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She further explained that the anger and hate she had towards him changed her into someone she was not.

Gigi Lamayne

But through introspection, the rapper has forgiven her ex despite how difficult it was.

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Gigi Lamayne forgive

Gigi is in a much better space in her life and is in an even better relationship with a man that treats her far better than her ex.

After publicly opening up about her past relationship, Gigi then encouraged people to keep their relationship private and to always become encouraging partners whilst keeping third parties out of their relationship.

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