Bataung Memorial to redo Robbie Malinga's tombstone

After the public expressed their dismay towards Robbie Malinga's tombstone the creators of the tombstone have decided to change it.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

Robbie Malinga tombstone

Immediately after Robbie Malinga was laid to rest at the Westpark Cemetery in Johannesburg an image of his tombstone went viral.

Social media users were clearly unimpressed with the tombstone and expressed that it looked nothing like the late music producer.

The creators of the tombstone - Bataung Memorial which is owned by entrepreneur- Lebogang Khitsane has acknowledged the disappointment expressed by the public with regards to the tombstone and has commented that his business will remove the tombstone and create another one more fitting for the late music producer.

"As an innovative company, we strive to create new things and make better tombstones. We acknowledge and take in what everyone has said about the statue & redo it. We thank you for your constant support and feedback." - Lebogang Khitsane

Bataung Memorial Tombstones has, in the past, created tombstones for:

Vuyo Mbuli

Vuyo Mbuli1

Joe Mafaela

Joe Mafela tombstone

And for many other well-known individuals as well.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@RobbieMalinga