AKA inspires former Jamali bandmate, Mareichan

The singer is moved by his success 

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:42 AM

AKA inspires former Jamali bandmate, Mareichan

Seeing as AKA's project is dropping tomorrow, Touch My Blood is all anyone can talk about and fellow musician, Marichan Luiters is no different. 

Mariechan took to the timeline to share how happy she was for him and that she found a little inspiration in the fact that he did this on his own, i.e.: without a label. 

"Im so happy that artists like Aka has recorded & released music independently, some of us(like me)have BEEN outchea doing music independently for a couple yrs now & as a female artist, this shit is not as easy as 1,2,3 no matter how talented you are, but you gotta keep creating" she tweeted. 

She also went on to add all the pitfalls independent artists face, especially independent female artists. 

She first burst on the scene as part of Coca Cola Popstars' girl group, Jamali and went solo about two years ago. She has since released a number of singles, one of which, titled "Missed Calls" also drops tomorrow. 


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She also recently collaborated with SAMA-award-winning singer, Shekhinah, on a beautiful song called 'Different.'

As hard as it is to be independent, it's good to see that she's not giving up and not putting out mediocre work for the sake of saying she's working. 

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