AKA tweets about finding 'rocks' in his bedroom

Houston, we definitely have a problem

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:42 AM


We've all heard about people having skeletons in their closets, but what do you know about finding 'rocks' in your closet?ย 

Well, Kiernan Forbes knows a lot about that, he took to Twitter to share how he found 'rocks tied up in a plastic bag in his bedroom'.ย 

AKA rocks

Uhhh, hey? While we were still in a daze about that, the rapper continued and emphasized what types of 'rocks' he found.ย 

AKA rocks

Okay, hold up.. why were there rocks in your bedroom, Kiernan? If they weren't yours, then who on Earth could they have belonged to? Maybe the 'someone he thought he knew'.ย  Mmmmmmmmm. As per usual, Twitter's gone wild! From people wanting more information.

...to people tweeting 'witchery'

...while others are just DYINGย 

Hey? Nah, we need more Kiernan. More importantly, who is this someone you thought you knew who put rocks in your bedroom? This is a safe space brother.ย 

Main image credit: instagram.com/akaworldwide