Amanda Bynes caught shoplifting

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

We knew she had problems, but I don’t think anyone really knew just how serious the situation with Amanda Bynes is (except her therapist, maybe. Assuming she has one. I really hope she has one).

The troubled star, who was caught earlier this week attempting to shoplift, has been in the limelight these days for all the wrong reasons. Who could forget the “you’re ugly” phase she went through not too long ago, attacking the likes of Drake and Rihanna.

TMZ has now posted a video of Bynes attempting to swipe merchandise from a Pookie and Sebastian store in the US.

In the in-store camera footage the actress shows off some crazy dance moves – at one point even pulling, what looks like, an Ellen Degeneres move – before trying to swipe something from a counter close by. She is caught red handed by a store clerk who makes her put the item back.

Bynes is also seen giving her driver a very weird PG 13 dance. Well, someone’s clearly dying for attention.