Amanda Du-Pont's scathing clap back

The star has a few choice words for her haters 

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:41 AM

Amanda Du Pont

Over the past year, Amanda Du Pont has rebranded to one of the most mysterious stars in this part of the world. The starlet has been in the entertainment industry for several years and we have seen her experience the highs and lows of fame. 

A couple of weeks ago, Amanda got engaged to her long-term boyfriend and in most of the pictures she posts, she has been showing off her diamond sparkler. 

On Heritage day, Amanda posted an old picture of herself dressed in traditional attire, and a fan noticed that she was not wearing her ring, which is understandable because it was taken before she got engaged. After the fan called her out, Amanda hit back with an unexpected response. Take a look at the engagement below: 

The fan asked her why she isn't wearing her ring...

& Amanda hit back by asking the fan if she was the wedding police? 

A couple of days ago, Amanda sent her fiance a sweet message and thanked him for being a supportive partner, “When @shawnrodriques surprised me at the readers cover reveal event with a bunch of flowers.  I saw him in the middle of my speech and honestly just wanted to cry. Thanks for your support my King.”

Main image credit: Instagram/@Amandadupont