Anele Mdoda gets her nanny an Audi

Anele is such a good boss.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:44 AM

Anele Mdoda

When you can afford to buy your Nanny a German machine so she can drive your son around whilst you're at work presenting one of the most successful talk shows currently, just know that you've made it in life shame.

Anele Madoda is one of the most successful personalities in South Africa. She has a prime time show on TV And radio and earns herself a pretty penny when it comes to MCing and TV commercials. 

So much so thatI Anele has spoilt herself with a Range Rover. But that's old news. We proud of the single mother as not only does she drive a luxury car, but so does her nanny. Our social media investigators found an image online of the Audi A3 purchased for Anele's son's nanny. 

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The image was taken by a Club owner based in Johannesburg on his Instagram profile at Anele's home in Fourways, Johannesburg 

We wonder what her housekeeper and PA drive? 

Anele Mdoda

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Whilst some of us are working for corporate companies, we're still using taxi's and having the worst experiences at taxi ranks. Meanwhile, Anele's nanny is cruising in an Audi whilst she drive's Anele's son wherever he needs to go. 

Although we're not quite sure where a toddler would need to go on a daily basis.

Gosh, how is Anele getting this life thing right? From having a successful talk show of 2016, cashing in on those MC gigs and now buying an Audi for her child's nanny?

Anele needs to direct us to that 'Life Goals' manual she's been hiding.

Image Credit: Facebook