Angie Stone arrested after assaulting daughter

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

Angie Stone is back in the headlines, but no it's not because she's about to launch a spectacular come back. The R&B star of yesteryear is in the news this week because she violently abused her daughter and has now been arrested for her actions. Angie was arrested on Monday morning, after a fight with her daughter turned violent and the singer ended up knocking her daughter's teeth out.

53 year old Angie Stone was embroiled in an altercation with her 30 year old daughter. Nobody knows how the fight started, but at some point Angie claimed to defend herself with a metal stand, and accidentally smashed her daughter, Diamond Stone, in the teeth with it. This knocked out several of Diamond's teeth, while TMZ have reported that Angie even went as far as punching her daughter too!



Sho! Why would you punch your own daughter, no matter how angry you were? TMZ continued their reporting of the story by mentioning that Angie even tried to run away from the scene after seeing how bad the damage she had inflicted was. Apparently, Diamond continued to run after her mom to continue the fight. The pair had to be seperated by family and friends after things got ugly (Although I'd like to believe that after a mom punches her daughter and hits her with a metal stand, things are pretty ugly) 

Georgia police reported their comments to TMZ and confirmed that the 53 year old 3 time Grammy nominee had been detained for domestic aggrevated assault. The fight apparently started after Angie Stone criticised Diamond's parenting skills, commenting that the younger Stone doesn't look after her children well enough. 

This is not the first time Angie Stone has ever been arrested. In 2011 she was arrested for speeding while she was on her way to church. Diamond was also temporarily detained by the police following this week's fight, but she since been released. 

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