The application to stop HHP's funeral from taking place is denied

It's been a bittersweet judgement

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:41 AM


A long day it's been but a final decision has been made and to a certain extent both the Tsambo family and Lerato got what they want.

It's been a tumultuous day for Lerato Sengadi as she sat in court for hours on end not only waiting for a verdict on whether the court interdict to have HHP's funeral stopped would be approved, but to also prove to the high court that she is HHP's wife.

Lerato emerged victorious as Judge Mokgoatlhe ruled in favour of her as HHP's customary wife, however, her application for the funeral to be stopped was not ruled in her favour which means the funeral will commence as planned tomorrow in Mahikeng.

The Tsambo family has mentioned that Lerato is very much welcomed to attend the funeral.

An ongoing debate on social media about the court proceedings has been going on the entire day as people weigh in on the situation.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Leratoliscious