Are Babes Wodumo & Ntando Duma feuding?

The ladies are allegedly beefing 

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:55 PM

Ntando Duma

In 2017, Babes Wodumo and Ntando Duma released the hit song, Jiva Phez'khombede and over the past couple of months, we saw their friendship blossom but according to Sunday Sun, the media personalities are no longer friends. 

In an article published by Sunday Sun, it is alleged that the rift in their friendship began when Babes Wodumo accused Ntando of hanging out with Tipcee who is allegedly not on good terms with Babes Wodumo. Remember when a video surfaced online showing Afrotainment artist, DJ C'ndo chatting to Tipcee. In the video, the pair can be heard allegedly gossiping about Babes Wodumo, Mampinstha and Danger.

In response to the video being leaked, Tipcee went on a rant and this is what she had to say: 

"When your rivalries realise u r (sic) threatening their space; when suddenly newspaper columns right positive stories about u; when TV & radio stations invite u to their shows; your rivalries are not happy! When old videos taken ages ago suddenly resurface and occupy their social media space... It's their way of getting back at you! It's their way of protecting what they consider "theirs"! When suddenly u r ( sic) breathing behind their necks & they feel u getting closer & closer; they don't like it.... Instead they try and shut the space for u! Not because u are their enemy... But because they don't like sharing the space!!!" 

Speaking to Sunday Sun, Ntando allegedly said, "I'm not and was never friends with anyone in the industry. If it's not about work, then I am not a part of it."

A couple of weeks ago, Babes and Tipcee were spotted together and they looked pretty cordial. So what is the truth? 

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