Ashton Kutcher is Hollywood's best paid!

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:46 AM

It's been revealed this week that Ashton Kutcher is Hollywood's highest paid actor- what a title that is to have! Kutcher rose to fame for his role as Kelso on That 70's Show. Since then, Kutcher has landed high profile leading roles on the big screen in movies such as Guess Who, A Lot Like Love, The Guardian, No Strings Attached, Jobs and many more.

He can also be seen on Two and a half Men, where he replaced Charlie Sheen in 2011 and acts as Schmidt. 

The Two and a Half Men star has been named the highest paid TV actor for the third year running, having earned an estimated R278 million in the last 12 months... can we say yikes? 

Kutcher edged out the likes of Jon Cryer and Mark Harmon, who came in joint second place after they pulled in R203 million between June 2013 to June 2014.

It's not a bad time in AK's life, the actor is also expected to welcome his first child with his fiancée, the gorgeous Mila Kunis, next month.

Neil Patrick Harris was behind them in third place. The How I Met Your Mother star raked in an estimated R192 million, R32 million more than last year. A large portion of that can probably be attributed to his endorsement contract with American Airlines and lead role in the Broadway productions Hedwig and The Angry Inch.

Credit Image:Facebook.Ashton Kutcher