Aubrey Poo feels that some of his acting peers don't take what they do seriously

Before you start jumping into conclusions, let the man explain himself.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

Aubrey Pooh feels his peers don't take what they do seriously

During a very candid interview on the Great Escape on Metro FM the actor, who is currently acting on Isidingo expressed how some actors take the craft way too lightly.

He explained that there are certain things he has observed with some actors that make him believe that they do not take their craft very seriously. 

He said:

"I'm a trained actor, and I'm biased towards trained actors and trust you me, there are people with raw talent out there who are very studious about the craft and the industry. And I've worked with those people and told them 'bruh you bring something to the table.'

But there are some people who are in it for the fame man. They're concerned about the suit they're wearing, they're concerned about looking cute in front of the camera and those kinds of dynamics get in the way of telling stories the best way we can. That's what I meant, not all my colleagues, I mean I work at Isidingo and I think it's top-notch and every actor takes it seriously, it's just my general observation of the industry.

You get people who just want to be in it so that they can get the girls, get the spotlight and then there are those who take the art of storytelling seriously, and that's who I respect." Said the actor.

He continued to express his love for acting and feels that he would die if he was doing anything either than performing.

"I love what I do, I think I would die if I didn't do what I do right now, I think when I leave here I'm going to go to the producers and tell them that 'I'm sick of sitting at home!" Theatre is my first love but telling stories and acting is what I love doing."

He sure does, he even watches himself on TV at times. Not a bad way to evaluate your performance by the way.

If you're a lover of theatre you can expect to see Aubrey acting in front of a live studio in July as he will be performing in the play - Marikana The Musical at the South African State Theatre, plus he'll do some more theatre places next year January as well.

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