Ayanda Ncwane shares how she dearly misses her husband S'fiso Ncwane

Ayanda's heart-wrenching message to her husband, the late S'fiso Ncwane.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:44 AM

ayanda ncwane

It's been a month since S'fiso Ncwane's untimely passing and although the rest of the public might've moved on, his wife, Ayanda is left with the memories they shared that will forever live with her.

The death of a loved one is never easy for any family, especially when the death of the deceased was sudden.

And with the untimely passing of Gospel singer, S'fiso Ncwane, his absence in the Gospel circuit, but most importantly in his family, has hit his close ones the hardest.

Ayanda, who has shone away from the public eye, understandably so, has shared a very intimate yet sad message about how she's been coping since her husband's passing.

In her recent Instagram post, Ayanda shared how much she truly misses her husband.

"It's been only 54 days since you left me Myen wam (My husband) but in my heart, it feels like yesterday. I can still smell your perfume, feel your arms around me each morning. Only if there was a manual to walk this journey. Hmm! But you said to us "Wethembekile Baba". I'll hold on to that my love. Rest well Gwamanda, Cebekhulu, Nogandaya, Nyamakayishi, we still feel your powerful presence."

Earlier on in the month, Ayanda broke out of her silent mourning and expressed gratitude towards all who have been supporting her and her family during their trying time.


Early on in January, Ayanda and her family were shocked to find out that there was a S'fiso funeral DVD that was being sold in the streets for R10.

The spokesperson for Ncwane Communications, Asanda Mpais condemned the selling of the DVD's and requested for people to not buy the DVDs.

"It is painful and disappointing that some people would try to make money in the form of a difficult experience the Ncwane family went through. Can people also please show respect by not buying the DVDs and if they can, could they rather show us where they are being sold so we can report this." Said Asanda.

Image Credit; Instagram