Babes' Dad Believes Mampintsha used Muthi

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By  | Mar 05, 2019, 09:27 AM

Babes Wodumo's father has alleged that Mampintsha (real name Mandla Maphumulo) who was caught red-handed physically abusing Babes in an Instagram live video has come out to reveal that Mampintsha was allegedly using Muthi over Babes.

Speaking to ENCA on Monday afternoon Babes' father - Reverend Mbongeni Simelane revealed that Mampintsha was always beating his daughter. He further revealed that he had told Mampintsha's father that he should reprimand his son from beating Babes Wodumo.

Mr Simelane further revealed that the abuse had been going on for a long time.

Mr Simelane also stated that Babes had told him that Mampintsha had the tendency to hit Babes in front of her dancers and close circle.

The Reverend was asked whether he had confronted Mampintsha about the abuse and Mr Simelane admitted that he did. However,  Mr Simelane said that Mampintsha is very egotistical about the situation and he revealed that Mampintsha had told him that the Westville police station wouldn't do anything to him because he bribed the police there.

When asked if Babes and Mampintsha are still in a relationship Mr Simelane revealed the shocking news that he is of the believe that Mampintsha is using muthi to keep Babes.

"Well, I'm a Zulu man. I know there is some muthi that he is using. My daughter once found something under the bed that is like a doll with some strings and some muthi around that thing and my daughter was not well. I prayed for my daughter and another prophet that I don't want to mention, he helped my daughter because of that. Mandla is using that muthi," he said.

It has now been confirmed that Babes Wodumo's family will hold a press briefing today at 10:00am.

Babes Wodumo has since laid a charge against Mampintsha.

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@BabesWodumo