Babes Wodumo just can't catch a break

Now she's being accused of stealing a song?

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

Babes Wodumo

Apart from having to deal with that American visa debacle, not winning at the SAMAs, going her separate ways with a P.R company that represented her for only a minute and then executing that USB publicity stunt. It's safe to say that Babes Wodumo has been served with a couple of L's in these past months.

And just when we thought things couldn't get worse for the Gqom artist, this week a story surfaced that she has allegedly stolen a song from two DJ's who are based in Durban.

Her new single Ganda Ganda has received a great response from her followers but not so much by DJ Luvas and Pluto who have gone to the media to explain why he believes Babes Wodumo stole their song.

Speaking to City Press, DJ Luvas explained that Babes had stolen their song as the title of the song and the duration of the song are the same and that only the beats and lyrics were different. DJ Luvas further believes that the 'lost USB' publicity stunt was a cover up by Babes Wodumo.

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If you remember correctly, Babes had mentioned that the lost USB had an unmastered version of her Ganda Ganda single that was being played at taxi ranks in and around Durban and had pleaded for people to send her a link of the song so she could delete it. The supposed lost USB was found the following day and released on iTunes.

The two DJ's have been really determined to have the media hear their side of the story, so much so that they were even interviewed on Metro FM on Tuesday afternoon during The Drive with Mo Flava and Masechaba.

DJ Luvas explained that before Babes Wodumo released the video of the "lost" USB with the song, they had already seen another video by Babes Wodumo singing their song. 

DJ Luvas further explained that they usually promote their music at taxi ranks and at many other public gatherings, therefore believes that Babes Wodumo and her team might've heard the song then duplicated it for her own single.

During the interview, the DJ was asked how he plans on proving that Babes Wodumo stole their song to which he replied that their song was released back in April and had been given to respected people of the music industry which he cannot mention.

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City Press had taken things a step further by sending the mastered (Babes song) and unmastered tracks to three producers who had confirmed that the songs had the same hook. The matter is currently being dealt with at SAMRO (South African Music Rights Organization)

Sigh, meanwhile, back at the ranch people are still jamming to Babes Wodumo's version of the song like...

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