Did Babes Wodumo pull a K.O publicity stunt with that USB announcement?

Babes Wodumo never seizes to amaze us with everything she does.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

Babes Wodumo

From her U.S visa debacleย to her SAMA (South African Music Awards) rant.ย Babes Wodumo has taken so many L's this year that even some of her fans have resigned from being a part of her defense force.

And her recent USB saga was the last straw that broke the camel's back.

On Monday night, Babes Wodumo released a video explaining that her team had lost a USB that contained her recent, un-mastered single titled Ghanda Ghanda.ย 

Babes pleaded for people who may have the song to share a link to the song via social media so her team could delete it.

The picture below was probably how the majority of people reacted on social media after Babes released her public announcement.

Babes What?

The entire video was suspicious from the beginning and it reminded us of K.O's own USB publicity stunt from last year.

Remember how K.O attempted to cause a ruckus after he announced that he lost a USB that contained a video for his Papa Action song?


But some folks did not fall for that stunt at all.


And the same applies with Babes Wodumo's washed out USB stunt as well.

Even Phil Mphela snapped.

'Spaza shop esque-career??' Damn Phil...


Oh and surprise surprise, Babes has found her "lost" USB with the song.

Sigh... South African artists and their rather weak publicity stunts will be the death of us all.


Hopefullyย the song will be worth the rather luke-warm hype.

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Babes_Wodumo