Babes Wodumo’s Beef

Is what happens when you're on Babes Wodumo's bad side?

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

Babes Wodumo

In the latest installment of the ongoing dispute between Glom Queen, Babes Wodumo and Durban-based businesswoman Nana Zondi, the latter has come forward about being viciously kicked off set by Wodumo when she tried to make amends. 

Zondi first came into the limelight when she made claims about being the one that discovered Wodumo before Afrotainment got their hands on her. And that is where the beef began… 

Zondi says she recently made her way to the venue where Wodumo was shooting the music video for that notorious Gandaganda song. You know, that song she alleged was stolen on a USB and asked fans to send her links to the song so she could delete it…?

According to Sunday Sun, a mutual friend told Zondi where Babes would be and asked her to tag along in the hopes that she could talk to Babes and squash the beef. 

She then detailed how she was “kicked out of the venue like a dog.” 

“I never got to speak with Babes. When she saw me, she just panicked as if I had a gun,” said Zondi. 

After that, she alleges that Babes ordered Mampintsha along with the security team to chase her out. 

Despite all this, Zondi claims to have no hard feelings towards Babes as “she’s just a young girl who’s been distracted by fame.” 

She ended things off by saying “I only wish Babes’ eyes could open before it’s too late.”

Main image credit: @Babes_Wodumo