Baby Number 4 for Lulo Café?

Diapers are on special, Lulo!

By  | Jan 05, 2020, 04:22 PM

According to the latest rumours, Lulo Cafe is set to become a father for the fourth time after well-placed sources affirmed that his girlfriend Asanda has fallen pregnant with his seed.

ZAlebs has reliably learned that Lulo Cafe is about to become a dad again and this time it's with his girlfriend of 9 years, Asanda Sizani, but not everybody is thrilled for the couple. This is because many people still strongly believe that Lulo will never stop cheating on his pregnant girlfriend and the soon-to-be-born child has done little to sway their opinions.

DJ Lulo Café has three sons as previously reported. A 9-year-old with Fundi Kumalo, a 4-year-old with Tumi Russell and a 3-year-old with Cindy Lekubu. In 2017, Adv Barry Roux pulled receipts of yet another unnamed woman who fell pregnant.

The new addition is rumoured to be a "bandage baby" (an attempt to repair his relationship with Asanda who allegedly casts a blind eye to his many side chicks and countless scandals) hoping Lulo will put a ring on it one day.

At the beginning of the year, Lulo and his noticeably pregnant girlfriend were
spotted looking cosy at an event in Cape Town, and again while boarding a flight together. They also posted similar photos from rural Eastern Cape.

Another source close to the couple spoke to ZAlebs and revealed that the baby will do nothing to calm down Lulo's wondering eye.

The source said: “No one takes their relationship seriously. Lulo is on everyone’s DMs and always sleeps around. The playboy chooses unpopular girls and insists they don’t reveal him in public. She’s holding on to something that died a long time ago and embarrassing herself in the process. Lulo will never settle down, baby and ring or not.”

Do you think that Lulo and Asanda will go all the way, or is the baby not going to change anything?

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