Basetsana Kumalo announced as Lux brand ambassador for the second time

Congratulations are in order for Aunty B!

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:42 AM

basetsana kumalo

It's rare for someone to be announced as an ambassador for a brand or product for the second time around, especially after ten years.

But that's just the impact Basetsana Kumalo has not only on people but on brands as well.

The brand has just announced that Aunty B (as she now refers to herself as) will again hold the fort as its representative.

Earlier on today, Basetsana also shared a video of her photo shoot with Lux. 

And she looked as beautiful as ever, but then again this is Aunty B we're talking about, has she ever been seen with a hair out of place? Nope!

Basetsana mentioned that she was honored to be announced as the brand's ambassador again.

"Delighted to be a Brand Ambassador for LUX. In 2008 I had the priviledge of being an ambassador and 10 years later, here we are again. This iconic brand has been around since 1925 and has stood the test of time. It epitomizes longevity, luxury, style, elegance, femininity, sophistication, refinement and all things glam!!!" (sic)

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@BasetsanaKumalo