Is Basetsana Kumalo suing more people?

The businesswoman is reportedly suing more people 

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:41 AM

basetsana kumalo

A couple of days ago, Basetsana Kumalo was granted a protection order against an author who allegedly made up some unfounded rumours about her family and according to Sunday Sun, Basetsana Kumalo is set to allegedly sue other people. 

Sunday Sun alleges that Basetsana Kumalo is allegedly consulting with her legal team on whether to take legal action against Criselda Dudumashe who according to the paper, sent out the authors tweets in a Whatsapp group.

Speaking to the paper, Criselda allegedly said, "I won't dignify this with an answer, I was simply asking men to protect their families." 

She then went on to allegedly add that she considers Basetsana as a sister. 

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@BasetsanaKumalo