AKA questions #BBMzansi rape allegations

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:46 AM

Big Brother Mzansi fans around the country have been in a state of shock for the last few hours (Indeed, from last night) as it was confirmed that two housemates had left the house for very different reasons. Officially, it has been confirmed by Big Brother and M-Net, who we spoke to this morning, that Adams was expelled from the house for "Misconduct" while Bexx was removed from the house in order to cater for her well-being. 

Now, many people will find some of these answers and explanations rather cryptic, however it doesn't help that there is a rumour flying around that Bexx was raped by Adams over the weekend and upon finding this out Big Brother removed the two of them from the house. 

Interestingly, this is not the first time that Big Brother has come under fire amidst a rape allegation. In 2007's season of Big Brother Africa, South African 24 year old male, Richard Bezuidenhout, was accused of sexually assaulting Tanzanian housemate, Ofunneka Molokwu in full view of all Big Brother Cameras. In fact, Mark Patterson of UK Publication, The Week Described it as; 

"THE SIGHT of a blind-drunk young woman being manhandled by a Big Brother housemate in what may be the most public rape ever"

Interestingly, many in 2007 asked the question "If there are cameras around the house, why did Big Brother not do anything?" Today, with these fresh allegations against Adams, it is AKA who asks the same question. The controversial rapper took to Twitter to share his opinion on the matter: 

I get the point that AKA is trying to make, or rather, I understand where he's coming from with these questions. Nobody really has an answer right now but one thing is for sure, Big Brother has A LOT of questions to answer, including these above from the Congratulate hitmaker. 

M-Net have promised us a statement at midday today (Tuesday) so we are waiting on that before making up our minds completely.