The Best dressed celebrity couple of 2017

We look at which celebrity couple you chose for Best Dressed Couple of the year.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

How cute was Ayanda and Dash's baecay?

Being a well-dressed celebrity is a top priority for some of our entertainers because believe it or not, being well-dressed can open quite a lot of doors for you in this industry.

We've seen a number of our celebrity couples make headlines for all the right things throughout the year and one of them being the way they correlate their outfits when stepping out to an award show or any prestigious event.

ZAlebs awards category for best-dressed couple consisted of: Dash & Ayanda, Bonang & AKA, Dineo Moeketsi & Solo.

And we must say the votes were quite close, the winner for the category could've easily gone to these three couples but ultimately there has to be a winner and the couple with the most votes was.....

Dineo & Solo

The couple didn't quite win by a landslide as the numbers were quite close. Solo and Dineo had a 37% vote whilst AKA & Bonang trailed closely behind with a 35% vote (Kind of awkward now that they supposedly broke up) and Dash & Ayanda weren't quite far off as they garnered 28% of the votes.

Best dressed

Congrats to Solo & Dineo, we have to admit they've been consistent with their outfits since the year began so we're not surprised that they won this title.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Ayandathabethe