Big Star Johnson wants to create new highlights with his upcoming album

The rapper is ready to open new chapters in his life

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:41 AM

Big Star Johnson

We were first introduced to Big Star Johnson on Vuzu TV's hip-hop reality show, The Hustle in 2015 and since then, he has made a name for himself by collaborating with some of the biggest artists in South Africa. 

The rapper might have taken a break from the scene after releasing a single in January this year, but he is adamant that he’s been working on himself and his music as he was getting ready to tell it all in his upcoming album 'Me & Mines', and his new single ‘Sgubu’ featuring Kwesta trended at number one on the day of release.

“It’s the time now to be excited about who we are, no one else can claim this sound like us...I’m embracing our culture because I feel like it’s the time now to embrace who we are. It’s a very homegrown sounding album...I’m the type of artist who’s tryna position myself as a global artist as opposed to just a local one…I want people to know, every song we worked hard, and everything on that song was intentional, we didn’t write four bars to pass time, we wrote those 4 bars because we wanted to say something, everything is intentional." he said.

Big Star Johnson and Kwesta

Although his stint on 'The Hustle' might be the reason behind his stardom, Big Star says he’s trying to move away from ‘The Hustle’ tag and rather create new highlights.

“I need to create new highlights, I feel like France for me was the biggest highlight compared to the hustle, however, to my country, The Hustle was the biggest highlight, so it’s just about highlights and I believe the album will do that because it’s so far from the Big Star there but so close to what people fell in love with…”

As he is set to release his album ‘Me & Mines’ on the 24th of August, the rapper is also set to embark on another life-changing journey of fatherhood, and he has incorporated it in the album artwork too.


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The artwork framing his daughters’ sonogram on the cover of his upcoming album highlights the most crucial moments in his life that he addresses in the album, talking about the relationship he’s had with his mother, the phases of confusion when he was young and evolving into the man that he’s become today. 

“Pretty much the artwork was just the evolution of Big Star, but in each and every one of those pictures, there’s a certain moment in my life that meant sometime…”

Big Star

If you're a true Big Star Johnson fan, you'd know that he considers each bar in his lyrics and as he's now found himself in the music industry, his upcoming album will only be better.

“I figured out how I want to position myself in the game, I’m tryna be Big Brother the game, I’m not against the era being about adlibs and whatever, but I know it’s gonna pass, just like crump passed and time exposes everything, I focus on content and the quality of the music because I’m focused on lasting the test of time, I’m really not focused on being the biggest thing right now because when I die, something’s gotta rep’ me, my verses have gotta rep’ me…”

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