Black Coffee's many achievements in just 7 months

The man has achieved so much in a space of 7 months

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

Black coffe

Since the year started, Black Coffee has taken no L's when it comes to his career and even personal life.

Whilst some of us have only ticked off one goal on our bucket list, Black Coffee has ticked off many ever since the year kicked off.

Here are the many achievements Black Coffee's has ticked off in only seven months.

Him and Enhle's white wedding

He and Enhle finally celebrated their beautiful white wedding that had the whole of Mzansi admiring from a distance. The wedding was attended by A-list celebrities and some government officials.Β 

Coffee Wedding

Black Coffee, the sneaker designer

In February, it was announced that the international DJ was collaborating with an Italian shoe brand to make his own pair of sneakers. Β 

And we all know that when it comes to his shoe game, Black Coffee doesn't play.

Shoe game

He featured on Drake's More Life album & on Beyonce's wedding anniversary playlist

You know uyinja ye game when your song (Superman) was released 8 years ago but still manages to make it on Billboard charts in 2017 as a Drake song. Β And just when we thought you were done, you then feature on King B's wedding anniversary playlist

Drake and black coffee

Forbes highlighted him as the richest artist in Africa

When Forbes Magazine ranks you as one of the most bankable artists in the continent of Africa, you sure deserve to pat yourself on the back and order a shot of Ciroc to celebrate your greatness.


Black Coffee x AXE

From doing collaborations for a sneaker launch to collaborating with one of the most notable deodorant brands - Axe. Black Coffee decided to partner with the deodorant brand not only for his own business goals but to also highlight the great musical talent we have in the country.

Axe and Black

He owns a stake of Zone 6 Venue

Black zone

Teaching us once again that your passion can turn into one lucrative business.

He now has a radio show

Black Coffee

Just this week Black Coffee announced that he now officially has his own international radio show on Apple's Beats 1 radio show.

How's your 2017 going thus far?

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@RealBlackCoffee