Blue Blasts Celebrities

The starlet has a lot to say.

By  | Jul 27, 2019, 12:37 PM

Blue Mbombo is one of South Africa's most popular media personalities. The star was thrust into superstardom when she entered the second season of Big Brother Mzansi and after leaving the show, she became the most successful contestant from the franchise.

Since leaving Big Brother Mzansi, Blue has been putting in the work, from international endorsement deals to starting her own magazine, there is nothing the starlet can't do.

A few days ago, the starlet took to Twitter to urge celebrities to remain humble because they are replaceable.

"Screw your celebrity status. You are human, treat people well and stay humble," she wrote in part.

Another star who has used her voice to 'expose' celebrity culture is Pasi Koetla. A year ago, the actress posted an Instagram video as part of her #MoqoqoFriday series calling out all the celebrities who act like they do not know you when they meet you. In the funny video, she says that some celebs will like and comment on your photos but will ignore you when you meet them in person. Watch the hilarious video below:
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Main Image Credit: Instagram/Bluembombo