Blue Mbombo models 10 outfits for Glamour Magazine

We can't get enough of Blue Mbombos style, she knows how to dress.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

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We got to love Glamour Magazine for this campaign, not only will we learn how to be fashion killers like the best, but we'll be taught by our very own fashion forward celebrities.


It's no wonder fashionista's turn to Glamour magazine for some fashion inspiration, they've been blessing us with the latest in fashion for years now. If you're a fashionista then you know Glamour magazine is the go to platform when it comes to fashion. Glamour not only teaches us how to be fashion forward and work with what we have, but they also make us feel closer to the stars as we zoom into their fashion selection outfits for the next 10 days.

On this episode of 'Today I'm wearing", we look at model Blue Mbombo who shared her ten looks for the last ten days with Glamour. Here are some fashion pick ups and must haves from Blue's closet.

Day 1_Grey has never looked this good, she was already pulling all the stops on her first day. 


Day 2_That dress is such a different kind of elegant. Simple, light and a great fit.


Day 3_We are obsessed with not only the fit but the colour of this two piece.


Day 4_"Because in reality nobody wears heavy makeup, heels and wigs on a daily basis'' says Blue. This is great casual look that even a plain Jane could rock.


Day 5_Put a little Ghetto-fabulous feel in it and bring back the all so classic bucket hat. FILA is making a great come back as a brand to watch out for at the moment. 


Day 6_What's a fashion closet without a flowy summer dress and hat? Though it's a dark colour, the flowers make the blue pop and actually a colour to wear in spring.


Day 7_A cape may not be something to wear on a daily basis, but we must admit this colour is popping and it gives a different feel to the cape. It makes it wearable.


Day 8_We're not complaining about Blue being named Mzansi's sexiest women in 2016, look at all that spice? 


Day 9_Is she rocking those long beautiful legs or what? A short jump suite might be safe and very casual but can we just appreciate how much taller she looks in this outfit?

Blue Mbombo

Day 10_


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