Bonang: All my dreams have come true

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:58 PM

Bonang, who is making her debut on Afternoon Express alongside Bonnie Mbuli and Jeannie D on Monday, is now working on new goals.

Speaking to City Press, she said: “I’ve had to sit down and think about new plans, goals and dreams with my team because everything we set out to do has been done, which is crazy.”

She added: “By the age of 28, all my dreams have come true.”

The television and radio personality, who recently moved to Cape Town, has also been asked to co-host Nigerian talk show Moments with Mo. She told the paper: “My manager Zoe [Msutwana] is working out the details, logistics and money, but it’s as good as done.”

She explained that working on the show would mean going to Lagos and shooting there. “And possibly banking episodes, or finding time to shoot here at home.”

Now that she’s conquered Africa, Miss Matheba is ready to take Hollywood by storm, but that is not as easy as we think it is.

She explained to the paper: “As much as people say, ‘Oh Bonang, you should go to LA and work with Ryan Seacrest!’, that’s really not so easy. But it’s also in the plans, so I’m starting to go to auditions, sending out my showreel and seeing how it goes.”